Riverslot Update ~Bonus Wheel~

New daily Bonus Wheel!

Daily Bonus Wheel lets you enter a chance to WIN up to 5000 points per day!


2018-07-17 (7)

How to activate:
First thing is first, and that is to make sure you’re playing in Sweepstakes mode. You can make sure you’re in Sweepstakes by this one attribute, your winnings are stashed in a separate account and you have to use your winnings to purchase more playtime. Okay, so you are playing on Sweepstakes mode! Fantastic, now just look for this icon on the bottom! DailyWheelDon’t see it? 😥 well you’re going to have to submit a petition to your local Riverslot admin to enable it! Don’t worry, if enough people ask for it they will enable it. I mean this is pretty awesome, and doesn’t make sense not to enable it


Once you’ve played your round you’ll this eternal clock in which sentences you to a whole 24 hour lock down till your next shot. But don’t panic, it’ll be ready before you know it, and you can get another 5000 points if you’re lucky.


But wait, I’m not in Sweepstakes mode!
Well then you’re in Classic Mode and ought to contact your River admin to change it to Sweepstakes!


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